When and why was the company established?

The four core values of Mintago are education, trust, champion and community.

The company was established in 2019 with the aim to empower employees to be financially happier and healthier, now and in the future. Mintago also aims to save employers and employees money on their National Insurance contributions. 

Mintago was established as an unbiased financial platform including our Pension Dashboard, Financial App and Education Library. These tools help to empower users to take control of their individual financial situations and create a way forward that is achievable and suits their own needs. 

The Mintago team wishes to promote a culture of transparency and trust when it comes to workplace financial wellbeing, tackling the issue of a lack of financial education amongst employees. 

Employee wellbeing is the driving force behind the business, and Chieu Cao, Founder and CEO, believes that the overall health of employees is integral to the long term success of a business and the productivity of its team.